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Message from the newly elected President – Mr.Voon Yin Kong (Hong Leong Yamaha)

Since 1997, MASAAM has been tenaciously involved in the development of the motorcycle industry in Malaysia through its many activities,initiatives and consultation with related Government Agencies. It has grown from being just a domestic national association to the representative of the Malaysian motorcycle manufacturers’ voice regionally with its admission into Federation of Asian Motorcycle Industries(FAMI) and subsequently on to the global platform through the International Motorcycle Manufacturer’s Association(IMMA).

These significant milestones could not been reached if not for the astute leadership and guidance of our founding President Dato’ Syed Mohammad Aidid Syed Murtaza, together with the dedication of the committee members under his watch.

Moving forward in 2016, the new office bearers will endeavour to continue to be the voice of reason in the motorcycle industry with impactful contributions and ensuring that we remain relevant in the automotive industry.

“Building motorcycles, Enriching Lives and Forging Legacies”

The Objectives of MASAAM : -

  1. Promote the development of the powered two-wheeler industry in Malaysia.
  2. Coordintate meetings and discussions with all government bodies on issues related to powered two-wheeler industry.
  3. Promote the development of the manufacture of component parts for two-wheelers.
  4. Encourage and coordinate contacts with other domestic, regional and international organizations.
  5. Compile, create and maintain database and statistics in relation to motorcycles.
  6. Enhance knowledge and awareness to members and the public at large in relation to the motorcycle industry
  7. Support activities towards promotion and awareness on road safety and intellectual property right.

Activities of MASAAM : -

  1. Work with government bodies to formulate plans for the future development of the powered two-wheeler industry in area such as standards , regulation and harmonisation
  2. Participate in activities to promote road safety.
  3. Participate in activities to promote towards healthy and green environment.
  4. Participate in regional and international conferences.
  5. Participate and organize forum, symposium and conference regionally as well as internationally

MASAAM members : -

  • Ordinary Members :8
  • Associate Members : 14

MASAAM Organization : -

  • President : Mr.Voon Yin Kong(Yamaha)
  • Deputy President : Dato’ Sri Tan Hui Jing(Honda)
  • Vice-President : Dato’ Sri Hj Arifudin Bin M Shah(SYM)
  • Vice President : Mr. Amirudin Abdul Kadir (Modenas)
  • Hon. Secretary : Mr. Tan Soon Wei(Naza)
  • Hon. Treasurer : Dato’ Jeffrey Lim Chee Sing (Kawasaki)
  • Liaison Officer : Mr. Leong King Choon (Masaam)
  • Secretariat Officer : Ms. Fazlina Yahaya (Masaam)

Advisor by Invitation – Dato’ Syed Mohamad Aidid Syed Murtaza

Committee Members:

  • Mr.Kok Ee Fatt(Suzuki)
  • Mr.Steven Chin(Yamaha)
  • Mr.Daniel Cheng Wee Kiat(Mofaz)
  • Mr.Goh Wei Ping(Yamaha)
  • Mr.Jeremy Loo Chin Chee(Honda)
  • Mr.Muhammad Sayuti Daud(Kawasaki)
  • Mr.Tajudin Loman (Honda)
  • Mr.Aldrin Husni Kamarudin(Modenas)
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