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The inception of MASAAM association was in existence since 1970s, it has brought motorcycle manufacturers together to promote the development and advancement of the motorcycle industry in Malaysia.

From a domestic association, currently MASAAM has grown to an international association that represents Malaysia Motorcycle Manufacturers at regional level in Federation of Asian Motorcycle Industries (FAMI) and at global level in International Motorcycle Manufacturer’s Association (IMMA). MASAAM members have played a vital role via working in a close liaison with government bodies to formulate plan and align standards for regulation compliance and harmonization. Besides, MASAAM members have contributed in a way by Corporate Social Responsibilities in collaboration with government bodies for organizing Road Safety Campaigns to the public, provide safety riding education and training for riders and students in school and higher learning institutions.

Moving forward in 2020, the motorcycle industry will strive to innovate and produce a safer, cleaner and energy efficient motorcycle for all to enjoy the ride.


The Objectives of MASAAM : –

  1. Promote the development of the powered two-wheeler industry in Malaysia.
  2. Coordintate meetings and discussions with all government bodies on issues related to powered two-wheeler industry.
  3. Promote the development of the manufacture of component parts for two-wheelers.
  4. Encourage and coordinate contacts with other domestic, regional and international organizations.
  5. Compile, create and maintain database and statistics in relation to motorcycles.
  6. Enhance knowledge and awareness to members and the public at large in relation to the motorcycle industry
  7. Support activities towards promotion and awareness on road safety and intellectual property right.

Activities of MASAAM : –

  1. Work with government bodies to formulate plans for the future development of the powered two-wheeler industry in area such as standards , regulation and harmonisation
  2. Participate in activities to promote road safety.
  3. Participate in activities to promote towards healthy and green environment.
  4. Participate in regional and international conferences.
  5. Participate and organize forum, symposium and conference regionally as well as internationally

MASAAM members : –

  • Ordinary Members : 7
  • Associate Members : 18

MASAAM Organization : –

  • President : Mr. Loh Heng Choy (Yamaha)
  • Deputy President : Dato’ Sri Datuk Wira Tan Hui Jing (Honda)
  • Vice-President : Dato’ Sri Dr Hj Arifuddin Mohamed Shah (SYM-MFB)
  • Vice President : Dato’ Nik Izani Nik Ibrahim (MOFAZ)
  • Hon. Secretary : Major Hj Safarudin Jalil(R)
  • Hon. Treasurer : Dato’ Jeffrey Lim Chee Sing (Kawasaki)
  • Secretariat Officer : Ms. Fazlina Yahaya (MASAAM)
  • Technical Officer: Ms Siti Noraishah Muhmad Pirus (MASAAM)

Committee Members:

  • Mr. Danell Cheng Wee Kiat (MOFAZ)
  • Mr. William Mun Choong Leong (Honda)
  • Mr. Hoo Wan Tim (Yamaha)
  • Mr. Mohd Fairiz Ahmad (Kawasaki)
  • Mr. Roslan Roskan (MODENAS)
  • Mr. Mohd Tajudin Loman (Honda)
  • Mr. Goh Wei Ping (Yamaha)
  • Mr. Muhammad Fadhil Dhiyauddin Esa (SYM-MFB)

Advisor by Invitation – Dato’ Syed Mohamad Aidid Syed Murtaza

TC Chairman – Mr Mohd Tajudin Loman (Honda)

Deputy TC Chairman –  Major (R) Hj Safarudin Jalil (Yamaha)

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