MASAAM members were engaged in a dialogue with the Department of Environment at the premise of the Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment(Kementerian Sumber Asli dan Alam Sekitar), Putrajaya, on the issue of Euro 3 documentation and future plans.

The meeting was chaired by Puan Mashitah, Pengarah/Director and supported by officers in the related department on automobiles.

The session centered on Fuel Quality for Euro 4 and 5, where after consideration of views from  stakeholders,particularly the Rakyat, the new dates of implementation(supply and enforcement) were derived.

For Euro 4M, Sept 2015 was set Ron 97 while for Sept 2018 was set for Ron 95.

As to the gazetting of Euro 3 emission standard, it was reasonable to expect the approval by Parliament not later than 30th June,2015.

A grace period of one(1) year will be given to existing models from the date of implementation of the gazette.

A separate session is expected to be held to discuss the guidelines of the gazette with MASAAM  members early next year.

The Noise Emission R41.03 standard for motorcycle was also discussed, hopefully this will run concurrently with the Euro 3 emission standard,given the merging of the regulations for motorcycles and cars.

The VTA requirements on COP were also discussed.