IMG-20170307-WA006920170307_14084820170307_14090620170307_140902MASAAM Members attended FAMI meeting in Taichung from 6th – 10th March 2017.  FAMI Members comprising from Indonesia (AISI), Japan (JAMA), Malaysia (MASAAM), Philippine (MDPPA), Thailand (TAIA) and Taiwan (TTVMA).  The meetings were divided into 2 division Management and Technical.  Meeting agenda:

1)  Management:

a) Reporting on Recent Market Trent from each member Associations.

b) Changes/Amendments/Implementation to Rules & Regulations from each member Associations.

c) Reporting on ITF (Information Task Force) from each member Associations

d) Reporting on RSTF (Road Safety Task Force) from each member Associations

e) Reporting on IPRTF (Intellectual Property Right Task Force) from each member Associations

f) Management meeting

g) Annual General Meeting

2) Technical:

a) Reporting on SCS (Steering Committee on Safety)

b) Reporting on SCH (Steering Committee on Harmonization)

c) Reporting on SCE (Steering Committee on Environment)

d) Reporting HTF – Harmonized Task Force

e) TC meeting

f) Technical Seminar by JAMA & Technical Seminar by TTVMA

3)  Dinners hosted by TTVMA on 7th March and JAMA on 8th March, 2017.

4) Social tour hosted by TTVMA