From 26th February 2018 – 1st March 2018 MDPPA host FAMI meeting in EDSA Shangri-La Hotel, Manila.  Associations from Indonesia (AISI), Japan (JAMA), Malaysia (MASAAM), Philippine (MDPPA), Thailand (TAIA), Taiwan (TTVMA) dan Vietnam (VAMM) sent their representatives to attend meetings/symposium as follows:

26th February 2018 – AAF TC5 Meeting

27th February 2018:

i)  Technical meetings (SCH/SCS/SCE) and seminar by JAMA

ii) IPR Symposium and Road Safety Symposium

28th February 2018:

i) Management meetings (ITF/RSTF/IPRTF)

ii) Technical meetings (HTF/TC) and seminar by MDPPA

iii) Dinner host by MDPPA

1st March 2018:

i)  Research & Planning meeting

ii) Management meeting

iii) General Assembly Meeting

iv) Dinner host by JAMA

2nd March 2018:

Social Tour host by MDPPA

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