FAMI meeting was held from 4th to 6th September 2018 and hosted by Thailand (TAIA).  Venue was in Marriot Surawongse Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand.  Members who attended the meetings are from Indonesia (AISI), Japan (JAMA), Malaysia (MASAAM), Philippine (MDPPA), Thailand (TAIA), Taiwan ( TTVMA) and Vietnam (VAMM) @ 70+ pax.

The meetings divided into 2 categories:

  1. Management
  2. Technical

Management meeting papers are:

  1. Information Task Force (ITF)
  2. Road Safety Task Force (RSTF)
  3. Intellectual Property Right Task Force (IPRTF)
  4. Research & Planning Committee meeting
  5. Management Committee meeting

Technical meeting papers are:

  1. Sub-committee Harmonization (SCH)
  2. Sub-committee Safety (SCS)
  3. Sub-committee Environment (SCE)
  4. Harmonizaiton Task Force (HTF)
  5. Technical meeting

Members also attended Symposiums and Seminars as follows:

  1. IPR symposium
  2. Road Safety symposium
  3. Technical Seminar by JAMA
  4. Technical Seminar by TAIA

Public can view information/presentation  papers in FAMI Website.  Next FAMI will be in March in Kobe, Japan