Mr Goh attended the above meeting as follows:

Date/Day:  23rd October 2018/Tuesday

Time:          9.30 am until 1.00 pm

Venue:       Bilik ISO, Level 3, Block 3, SIRIM Berhad


1. Chairman’s welcome address
2. Adoption of the draft agenda [Doc. ISC L 2/18 N2] 3. Updates from Standards Malaysia
4. Confirmation of the minutes of meeting 1/2018 [Doc. ISC L 2/18 N3] 5. Matters arising from the meeting No 1/2018 [Doc. ISC L 2/18 N4] 6. Progress report of ISC L and its committees [Doc. ISC L 2/18 N5] 7. Report on international balloting [Doc. ISC L 2/18 N6] 8. New Work Item Proposals for approval [Doc. ISC L 2/18 N7] 9. MS proposed for maintenance [Doc. ISC L 2/18 N8] 10. Draft Malaysian Standard(s) for Acceptance [Doc. ISC L 2/18 N9] 11. Review of Malaysian Standards (MS) [Doc. ISC L 2/18 N10] 12. Any other business
12.1 Discussion on proposal to established committee on railway
12.2 Discussion on B10 study by ISC H [Doc. ISC L 2/18 N11]

Members who attended the meeting are from MOT, JAS, Standard Malaysia, MAI and other related bodies