An update meeting with the Department of Environment (DOE) with MASAAM members headed by President Dato’  Syed Mohamad Aidid was held on 22th of May 2015 at the Putrajaya office. DOE personnel led by Ryan and assisted by En Azmi and En.Mohd Nor Irwan informed that Euro 4 emission regulation for 2-Wheeler is targeted for implementation by 2019 and the situation remains status quo while the Euro 3 standard is currently being reviewed and shall be submitted to the legal chamber by June before obtaining the final endorsement by the Minister by October, 2015.

Ryan noted that the effective implementation date for Euro 3 emission standard stays at 1st January, 2016. He also commented that the UN regulation for noise will likely run concurrently with the gazette of the emission standard.

Matters on the measure of the On-Board Diagnostics(OBD) , sticker for noise level, enforcement standard for stationary noise level and  R92 noise level for after market muffler were also deliberated upon.Doe mtg 2