Meeting with DOE – Update meeting

Date:                5th August 2020/Wednesday

Venue:              Ixora Meeting room, Level 4, Department of Standard Malaysia, Putrajaya

Chaired By:    Mr Ryan Ooi Chean Weai

A) Attendees/Authorities

  1. Mr Ryan Ooi Chean Weai – DOE
  2. Mr Amir Afiq Abdullah – DOE
  3. Ir Tg Muhd Aiman – JPJ

B)  Attendees/MASAAM Members:

  1. Mr Mohd Tajudin Loman – Honda
  2. Mr Alfian Abdul Wahab – Modenas
  3. Mr Fairiz Ahmad – Kawasaki
  4. Mr Akmal Husna Ismail – Kawasaki
  5. Mr Danell Cheng – Mofaz
  6. Ms Siti Noraishah Muhd Pirus – MASAAM


  1. Status draft of PPKAS (Motorcycle Emission Control)
  2. Draft of VTA Guideline for Exhaust and Noise Emission – require clarification from DOE
  3. Implementation of Euro4 and 04 for existing models