Meeting:          No. 2/2020 – MASAAM with JPJ

Date/Day:        15th July 2020/Wednesday

Time:               2.30 pm – 4.30 pm

Venue:             Imam Hambali Meeting Room, Level 4, JPJ, Putrajaya

Chaired By:     Mr. Azzaharin Allias, Chief Assistant Director, Automotive Engineering, JPJ


  1. JPJ
  2. MASAAM members
  3. DOE


  1. UNR136 gazette status
  2. Draft of guideline for VTA policy implementation & VTA application procedure update
  3. Regulation list implementation in year 2020
  4. Draft of new VTA Policy on Re-VTA for existing model update
  5. e-VTA fee update
  6. e-VTA system implementation system update
  7. Other matters