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  • Designer: Mr. Cheng Chee Keong
  • Project manager: Asst. Manager
  • Coder:
  • Art director: 03-62583843
  • Client: 03-62582658
  • Date: April 4, 2014
  • Tags: Associate Members
Launch Project

H/P No: 016-2288288

In the early 70’s date, our company had already started the manufacturing of spark plugs in Malaysia, with the intention to contribute for national motorization.

With the Japanese development production technology, NGK Malaysia presently is able to produce spark plug averagely for 1.6 millions units per month or 20 millions units per year. As a result of these pioneering efforts, introducing the high technology, advance production facilities and know-how from NGK Spark plugs Co. Ltd. Japan, we are now the Number 1 manufacturer of spark plugs in Malaysia, not only in replacement market but also in original equipment Manufacturer (OEM) supplied to local car and motorcycle assemblers.

It also resulted in a series of Malaysia firsts of the Professional Spark plugs industry.

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