Date/Day:  26th September 2018/Wednesday

Time:          10.00 am

Venua:       Aras 4, Bilik Mesyuarat Imam Hambali, JPJ, Putrajaya

Encik Mohd Kamal from Ministry of Transport chaired the meeting.  He welcomed all members and informed agenda for the meeting as follows:

  1. The presentation by the secretariat regarding the issue arises under  27th APWG meeting on 9-10th May 2018 in Lao PDR.
  2.  Discussions of issues arise under 27th APWG meeting on 9-10 May 2018 at Lao PDR:

a) Scope of Implementation for ASEAN MRA

b)  New structural approval APWG and AAC and

c)  Cooperative program ASEAN-Japan

Encik Azzaharin from JPJ presented Malaysia proposal papers as follows and seek members to submit any additional proposal, if any before 10th October 2018:

  1. Chronology for issue of scope ASEAN MRA
  2. Issue of scope ASEAN MRA:  Malaysia current approach
  3. Moving forward for issue of scope ASEAN MRA